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100% Virgin F4 Sodium Board Anti-Corrosion and High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Plastic PTFE Sodium Plate

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The polytetrafluoroethylene board is made of suspension polymerization polytetrafluoroethylene resin molding process.It has good chemical resistance in known plastics and does not age. It has a better friction coefficient in known solid materials and can be used from -180ºC to +260ºC under no load.

Product specification:

Length * Width * Thickness (mm) Length * Width * Thickness (mm) Length * Width * Thickness (mm)
1000*1000*1 1200*1200*0.8 1500*1500*1
1000*1000*1.5 1200*1200*1 1500*1500*1.59
1000*1000*2 1200*1200*1.5 1500*1500*2.38
1000*1000*3 1200*1200*2.38 1500*1500*3
1000*1000*4 1200*1200*3 1500*1500*4
1000*1000*5 1200*1200*3.175 1500*1500*5.2
1000*1000*6 1200*1200*6.35 1500*1500*6

Note: Other specifications can be customized by contacting customer service.
The width is 1000~2700.
Thickness 0.2~6, 0.2 width is 1000~1200
The width of thickness 0.5 is between 1000~1500

Product performance:

Test project Unit Indicators
Specific Gravity g/cm3 2.10-2.30
The Tensile Strength Mpa >=15
Elongation At Break % ≥150
Withstand Voltage KV/mm 10

Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The actual data is based on the product test data.

Product use:
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is mainly used as electrical insulation materials and linings in contact with corrosive media, supporting sliding blocks, track seals and lubricating materials. It is widely used as anticorrosive lining materials for chemical industry, medicine, dyestuff containers, storage tanks, reaction tower reactors and large pipelines.Heavy industries such as aviation;Machinery, construction, traffic bridge sliders, rail;Anti-stick materials for printing and dyeing, light industry and textile industry.

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