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Something about PTFE Gasket

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PTFE gasket is made of PTFE rod, tube, plate by mechanical turning or cutting into flat gasket, V-shaped gasket, piston ring, ball valve washer, etc. 

In fluid machinery, the harsh operating conditions of the parts to be considered tetrafluoron gaskets. It has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, insulation, cleanliness and other good characteristics, so it is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and so on many fields, known as the "plastic king", the use of PTFE gasket is relatively very wide, in the damage to industrial facilities at the crack, you can use PTFE gasket to plug and repair, There are also some brittle material related installation splicing.

PTFE has a strong corrosion resistance, only molten alkali metals and high temperature, high pressure under the element fluorine and other very few elements to it. PTFE does not absorb water, is not subject to oxygen, UV good weather resistance, outdoor exposure, tensile strength almost remains unchanged, only elongation decreased. 

Because PTFE is easy to produce cold flow and creep phenomenon under pressure and high temperature, it is very suitable for sealing parts in low pressure and low temperature or medium temperature corrosive or not allowed to have pollution. PTFE ph 0-14, except for molten alkali metals and fluorine under high temperature and pressure. It can have excellent machine strength between -100℃ and 100℃. The pressure is 10mpa. It will become brittle at temperatures below -185°C and will creep and crack above 200°C, so it should not be used at excessively high temperatures. With low thermal conductivity and large linear expansion coefficient, cold flow phenomenon will occur under the load. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use the concave and convex surface, full plane and groove flange at medium temperature and low pressure. If there is a waterline, the effect is better. The performance of PTFE gasket can be improved by adding different fillers such as glass fiber, graphite, molybdenum disulfide and bronze powder.

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