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Group Construction on National Day

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This year is 2022, the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. On the eve of the birthday of the motherland, our company carried out a league building activity.

After the meeting in the morning, the colleagues cleared up their mood and prepared to go to the restaurant for dinner! For a dinner party, we must raise the cup before dinner. Because we have to go to the go kart together in the afternoon, everyone's cup is filled with coke or tea. At the call of President Liu, everyone raised their glasses to celebrate this gathering moment!

After lunch, we drove to a resort hotel by the Yangtze River. Deep in the mottled forest shadow, there was a wide go kart track. It was the first time for some colleagues to play. The staff carefully put on helmets, chest protectors, neck protectors and other protective tools for them. When I really got on the bus, I found that the steering wheel was so tight. So I stepped on the accelerator and drove slowly and hard through one turn after another, After running for several laps, my colleagues and I finally got together. It's really an exciting and entertaining project!

After the go kart, we sat for a while to drink tea, and then drove to the bank of the Yangtze River. With the free river wind blowing, we watched the flying egrets. In the leisurely and relaxed afternoon of September 30, we ended this happy pre festival group building activity!

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