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Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor, PTFE Lining, Chemical Industry, Anti-Corrosion and High-Temperature Reactor

Product Description:
Hydrothermal synthesis reactor:

Brief introduction:
Hydrothermal synthesis reactor is the reactor that provides synthetic chemical substances in certain temperature and pressure conditions.
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1.It is made of quality non-magnetic0Cr18Ni9Ti of stainless steel.
2.The kettle body and kettle cover are sealed by durable and reliable line seal structure with long-term stability to leak free seal.
3.Stainless steel chassis, stainless steel kettle body, stainless steel gland, stainless steel kettle cover and extended stainless steel rods.
4.With PTFE liner, double care, acid and alkali, resistant to high temperature of 200ºC
5.Thickening processing PTFE cover, not easy to soften.
6.Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and easy to operate.
7.Good corrosion resistance.

Working Temperature:PTFE≤230°C ,Safe Temperature is 200°C; PTFE≤280°C Safe Temperature is 260°C. Strictly require temperature not to exceed the maximum use temperature.
Working Pressure:The pressure of the actual reactant in the ketle shall not exceed 3Mpa. The pressure generated by material synthesis requires the customer to accurately calculate the pressure generated at the temperature according to the different materials used in the experiment. The experiment must be conducted within the
normal allowable range to ensure the safety of the experimenter.
PTFE Lining and PPL Lining:PPL is a kind of synthetic material added to PTFE, and its properties are better than those of PTFE alone. PPL can be used continuously at 260 °C, with the highest operating temperature 280 °C-300 °C, very low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability.
Loading Capacity:The amount of solvent added to the reaction depends on diferent tests, generally 60%~80% of the inner cup capacity. If the reactant produces a large amount of gas, it is recommended to cool overnight and use perchloric acid. Hydrogen peroxide and so on should pay special attention!
Heating Equipment and Safety:Generally, the laboratory uses an oven for heating. The actual temperature control inside the oven should reach±2 °C to avoid excessive overheating.
When the oven starts to heat up, there shall be no personnel in the room to prevent explosion injury! Enter the tank only after it is cooled to room temperature.
Necessary safety protection measures shall be taken when taking the tank, such as face protection, hand protection, respiratory protection, etc.


Model Capacity Outer diameter of shell Shell height Outer diameter of lining Lining height
LW-25 25ml 45 117 32.8 61
LW-50 50ml 53 140 40 78
LW-100 100ml 62 155 48.7 94
LW-150 150ml 72 189 57.5 114
LW-200 200ml 82 210 62.7 133
LW-250 250ml 82 219 64.9 133
LW-300 300ml 91 226 74 150
LW-500 500ml 104 243 83.5 164
LW-1000 1000ml 146 232 117 150
LW-2000 2000ml 270 220 180 141
Remark Heating and Cooling Rate ≤5ºC/min
The above dimensions are in mm

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