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High Quality White Solid PTFE Plastic Bearing Ball


1. Heat resistance: has excellent high and low temperature resistance. Generally, it can be used continuously between -190ºC~260ºC, has remarkable thermal stability, can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement, and does not melt under high temperature.

2. Corrosion resistance: it is hardly corroded by any chemicals and solvents, and can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

3. Atmospheric aging resistance: long-term exposure to the atmosphere and its performance remain unchanged.

4. Non-sticky: It has the smallest surface tension among solid materials and does not adhere to any substances.

5. Insulation: It has strong dielectric properties.

6. Lubrication and wear resistance: has a low friction coefficient. The friction coefficient changes when the load is sliding, it is because of its strong lubricity, which is also outstanding in wear resistance.

Product performance:

Proportion: 2.3g/cm2

Tensile Strength: 13.7-34.2Mpa

Shore hardness: D50 - D55

Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The actual data is based on the product test data.


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