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PTFE Bushing

Plastics Sleeve Injection Moulding Bushing/PTFE Moulded Washer Bushing


PTFE bushings are molded and sintered into blanks from PTFE resin, and then processed by high-precision CNC lathes. Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the materials with good corrosion resistance in the world today, so it is called the "Plastic King". It can be used for a long time in any kind of chemical medium, and its production has solved many problems in the fields of my country's chemical industry, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. Polytetrafluoroethylene is added with glass fiber and carbon fiber on the basis, and at the same time, it is filled with wear-resistant additives such as ultra-fine copper powder to improve the wear resistance and compressive properties of the material. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance, excellent chemical stability, good oil resistance, low friction coefficient and aging resistance. It has been widely used as a sealing material and filling material.

Product use:

1. Production of high temperature resistant packing, guide sleeve, shaft sleeve, valve seat, valve core gasket, valve head seat, flange gasket and other sealing rings.

2. used in severe working conditions with strong acid and strong alkali and strong corrosiveness.

3. Used for brakes, static seal rings, piston rings, guide rings, gaskets, valve discs, shaft sleeves and other oil-free lubrication products and seals.


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