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PTFE Gasket

A Full Range of Mechanical Seal Made of PTFE


PTFE gasket, also known as PTFE or PTFE gasket, is made of pure PTFE sheet, and the temperature range is about -100~250ºC.

Tetrafluoro-gasket material has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient and non-viscosity, wide temperature resistance range, good elasticity characteristics make it very suitable for the manufacture of high corrosion resistance requirements, use temperature higher than 100ºC sealing parts.The performance of the seal has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the whole machine equipment.Such as machine, heat exchanger, high pressure vessel, large diameter vessel, valve, pump groove flange sealing parts, glass reaction pot, plane flange, large diameter flange sealing parts, shaft, piston rod, valve rod, worm pump, pull rod seals and so on.

Product specification:

Hg20606-2009 Surface Flange RF gasket

Nominal size DN Outside diameter D2 * inside diameter D1 * thickness T

DN10 46*18*3
DN15 51*22*3
DN20 61*27*3
DN25 71*34*3
DN32 82*43*3
DN40 92*49*3
DN50 107*61*3
DN65 127*77*3
DN80 142*89*3
DN100 162*115*3
DN125 192*141*3
DN150 218*169*3
DN200 273*220*3
DN250 329*273*3
DN300 384*324*3

Note: For other specifications, please contact customer service for customization

Product use:

The use of ptfe gasket is relatively extensive, in industrial facilities on the damage of cracks, you can use the ptfe gasket to plug the leak repairing, and can carry out some brittle materials related installation splicer. In some mechanical processing due to deformation or installation of dislocation defects, the repair of tetrafluoride gasket can be qualified repair.

Tetrafluoro-gasket is not only used in industrial facilities but also widely used in some related facilities in the field of food or medicine. Because of its steady characteristics, tetrafluoro-gasket will not cause any pollution to the materials for the facility under maintenance, and it is a sealable clean product.

Product advantages:

Flange special ptfe gasket performance advantages

1. High temperature resistance -- operating temperature up to 250ºC.

2. Low temperature resistance -- good mechanical toughness;The elongation can be maintained at 5% even if the temperature drops to -196ºC.

3. Corrosion resistance - inert to most chemicals and solvents, strong acid and alkali, water and various organic solvents.

4. Weather resistance - best aging life in plastics.

5. High lubrication - is the lowest friction coefficient of solid materials.

6. Nonadhesion - the minimum surface tension in a solid material that does not adhere to anything.


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