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PTFE Modified Glass Fiber Axle Sleeve / Bushing

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PTFE (also known as polytetrafluoro-ethylene) is widely used in fluorinated plastics on the market at present. The high temperature and low temperature resistance of PTFE abnormity is particularly obvious. It is suitable for the temperature of -180ºC ~ +250ºC, because its performance can be used in contact with corrosive media and the lining of electrical insulation materials, track seals, lubricating materials and supporting sliding block.

Product use:
PTFE Machined part is widely used in electric power, electronics, machinery processing, shaft, valves, metal, oil, chemical, auto parts, biological, medical, bridge, aviation, etc, are widely used in chemical machinery industry, as a corrosion resistant seal products, also is the ideal in modern industrial civilization and one of the widely used engineering material.

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