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PTFE Rubber Coated Sealing Gasket

F4 / PTFE Rubber Coated Sealing Gasket

Product Description:

Tetrafluoro-coated gasket, also known as PTFE-coated gasket, is a non-metallic gasket, generally composed of two parts: a coating and an insert. The coating layer mainly plays a role of corrosion resistance and is usually made of polytetrafluoroethylene. The insert (filler) is a non-metallic sealing material with or without a metal reinforcement layer with good elasticity, usually an asbestos rubber sheet. The gasket is divided into V-shaped, U-shaped and L-shaped according to the different inner core structure. Some containers, pipelines, and valves in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries are often connected with PTFE gaskets to ensure the cleanliness of the materials. PTFE jacketed gaskets are widely used in the sealing of various strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidation, chlorine and non-contaminated media.

Product Performance:

The main technical parameters of PTFE coated gasket:

Pressure: ≤4.0mpa

The Temperature: ≤260ºC

Coefficient Of Gasket: m=2.5

PH: 0-14

Minimum Preload Specific Pressure: y=20mpa

Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The actual data is based on the product test data.


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