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PTFE Wire Wrapping Film

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Product introduction:
This product is made of polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion resin through paste extrusion, calendering and drying. It is characterized by softness, flame retardancy, chemical corrosion resistance, low dielectric constant and excellent temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time in the range of - 150~260 ºC.

Product characteristics:
Certain tensile strength, good creep, uniform thickness, etc.

application area:
Microwave coaxial cable, medical line, high-speed data cable.

Parameter performance:

Parameter items Density g/cm3 Tensile strength psi Elongation at break % Thickness mm Width mm Color
MP-801 0.4,0.7,1.0,1.2 1500 ≥100% 0.05-1.0mm 8-150mm Natural color
CP-813 0.7,1.6 3500 ≥25% 0.05-1.0mm 8-150mm Natural color or other colors
SP-826 0.4,0.7,1.0 3500 ≥25% 0.05-1.0mm 8-150mm Natural color
HTP-730 1.6,2.15 2000,4500 ≥80%,≥250% 0.05-1.0mm 8-150mm Natural color or other colors

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