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Plastic Insulating Sheet

Yellow Epoxy Board Phenolic Resin Insulation Board 0.3-50mm 3240 Epoxy Resin Board

Product Description:

Material: Glass fiber cloth, Epoxy resin 

Applocation: High Voltage, Transformer, Motor

Color: Green, White, Black, Yellow 

Standard: NEMA or IEC

Rated Voltage: High Voltage 

Thickness: 0.1-175mm

Size: 1020x1220mm, 1020x2040mm, Or as customer requirement 

Usage: Electrical Insulation protection

Certificate: ISO9001 

Flame Retardancy: 94V0

Fr4 Epoxy Fiber Glass Laminate Sheet

Fr4 Epoxy Fiberglass Laminate Sheet made of E-glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin by processing under high temperature and pressure. Having excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good heat and moisture resistance. Applicable to insulating structural parts in motors, mechanical and electrical equipment, and can be used in transformer oil.


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