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Rubber Seal Heat Resistant Oil Resistant Silicone Ring Gasket with High Quality

Rubber Gasket
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Product Description:
Rubber gasket: Sheet-shaped rubber products that seal between two static surfaces of a metal flange or other connecting parts are collectively called rubber gaskets. It can be manufactured by molding method or punched by vulcanized film. It can be widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, playing the role of gasket, sealing, cushioning, etc.
In terms of form, commonly used rubber gaskets include: rubber flat gaskets, rubber O-rings, plastic flat gaskets, PTFE-coated gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets, metal flat gaskets, metal special-shaped gaskets, metal sheathed gaskets, wave washers, Winding gaskets, etc.
(1) Rubber flat washer: It is easy to deform and does not require any effort during compression, but it has poor pressure and temperature resistance. It is only used in places with low pressure and low temperature. Natural rubber has certain acid and alkali resistance, and the use temperature should not exceed 60°C; chloroprene rubber can also be resistant to certain acids and alkalis, and the use temperature is 80°C; nitrile rubber is oil-resistant and can be used up to 80°C; fluorine rubber has good corrosion resistance and resistance The temperature performance is also stronger than that of general rubber, and it can be used in 150ºC medium.
(2) Rubber sealing gasket: the cross-section shape is a perfect circle, it has a certain self-tightening effect, the sealing effect is better than the flat gasket, and the pressing force is smaller.
In terms of material, the main products of rubber pads are: silicone pads, nitrile rubber pads, fluororubber pads, and other rubber pads. Rubber gaskets have the properties of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, and aging resistance. They can be directly cut into sealing gaskets of various shapes. They are widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, antistatic, flame retardant, food and other industries.
Product Performance:

Product Name Product Temperature Use Pressure Usual Format
Nitrile Rubber Gasket -20ºC~110ºC PN<=16MPa DN15~DN400
Fluororubber Gasket -20ºC~200ºC PN<=16MPa DN15~DN400
Natural Rubber Gasket -50ºC~80ºC PN<=16MPa DN15~DN400
Neoprene Gasket -20ºC~100ºC PN<=16MPa DN15~DN400
Epdm Rubber Gasket -57ºC~176ºC PN<2.5MPa DN15~DN400
Silicone Rubber Gasket -100ºC~300ºC PN<3.0MPa DN15~DN400

Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The actual data is based on the product test data.

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