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Transparent Clear Round Flat Plastic PFA Welding Rod

Product Description:
PFA rod is made from PFA resin and prepared by the technology of extrusion and molding. It can be machined into various sealing parts and electric components. It can be used at the temperature range of -200 ~ +260C degree

PFA (Polyfluoroalkoxy) owns excellent chemical stabilities, thermal properties and dielectric properties as PTFE. Good self-lubricating properties, flame resistance, and aging resistance. It has prominent folding endurance and stress cracking resistance. Its mechanical strength is 1.6 times as strong as PTFE.

High wear resistance, good self-lubricating.Good chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, and good dielectric properties. In low temperature, does not present any substantial variation in its insulation properties, known as "the King" of all plastics.Better creep resistance and flexibility than PTFE, good tensile strength, good dielectric Properties, good radiation resistance.Non-toxic,can be plant into humans due to physiological inert.
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PFA welding rod for PTFE sheet/rod welding
The electrode by soluble polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) resin after extrusion forming, excellent resistance to high and low temperature resistance, high insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustible and not sticky, it also has a hot melt sealing, weldability, suitable for big - 85 ºC ~ 260 ºC temperature range of excellent material.

PFA kept four fluorine excellent chemical stability, mechanical properties, electrical insulation self-lubrication, not sticky incombustible and aging resistance of its outstanding characteristic is the number of melt viscosity is lower than PTFE, so the processing of its products is the common thermoplastic plastic molding method of high temperature stability performance is good, high mechanical strength is higher than PTFE about two times, and PFA softer than ptfe film, the resistance performance is good, good cracking resistance.

Main tech data:

Property Unit Result
Density g/cm³ 2.10~2.20
Tensile strength(min) Mpa 27~29
Ultimate elongation(min) % 250~300
Hardness shore D60-70

Applications:PFA rods and sheets, applied to corrosion resistance extrusions, flame resistance wire and cable, wear resistance parts, seals, insulation products, medical mechanical parts, extrusion blow molding products, etc.

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